What is the relationship between Tupac and Kato?


Tupac Shakur and Kato were both members of a hip-hop group named Thug Life. The group only released one album in 1994, titled "Thug Life: Volume 1."

Other members of Thug Life included Big Syke, Stretch, Mopreme Shakur, The Rated R and Macadoshis. The group signed with Interscope Records and released its first and only album. At first, Interscope refused to release the album or any singles from it, but the record company later changed its mind and released several songs with many edited lyrics. The album went gold. Thug Life expected the album to hit platinum and blamed the lower sales on Interscope's censorship of the lyrics.

Most of the members of Thug Life have been murdered. Randy Walker, known as Stretch, was the first member of Thug Life to be killed. He was gunned down in Queen's Village by three men while he drove his minivan. Many people believe his murder was in retaliation for Tupac's Quad Studio shooting that took place exactly a year before Stretch's murder. Tupac was murdered in September of 1996, also in a drive-by shooting that took place in Las Vegas. At the time, Tupac was signed with Suge Knight's label, Death Row Records. Kato was murdered in Detroit in 1997. Rapper Warren G gave an interview in the New Yorker indicating he believed Kato was murdered for the rims on his cars, which were Dayton rims worth $2,500.

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Kato was a gangbanger in Atlanta who got murdered in front of his home in L.A. He used
His homeis. Hi i am Cameron and the real actual answer is Big Kato was a rapper of 2Pac's crew/breed who got shot fatally. There you go. PS: I am not the guy who wrote the two words
Kato was a gangbanger in Atlanta who got murdered in front of his home in L.A. He used to go to amusement parks with Tupac.
Oh yeah, Big Kato, his real name WAS Kato. He wasn't famous, he was a friend of Tupacs that got killed by some rivalries.
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