Turbulent Relationship?


A relationship that is described as turbulent is usually full of ups and downs, veering wildly from bliss to emotional upset. Turbulent relationships can be caused by one party's mistakes (like cheating) or they can be due to a personality clash. Relationships like this are never healthy.
Q&A Related to "Turbulent Relationship?"
Lots of fireworks, arguments, quarrelling.
To fix any bad relationship, you first need to know the cause. Knowing them, you can diagnose, learn and act on them. Talk to your partner.
Hi, Beatrice, The answer to the marriage question is very complicated, and is totally dependent on the chart of the person, but the first place you would start looking would be transits
they're not the same. in fact turbulent flow is less likely to separate than laminar flow. you are right in saying that when laminar flow separates it becomes turbulent, but the inverse
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