Turksat 1c Frequency?


Turksat 1c was once a communications satellite frequency in Turkey. The Turksat 1c satellite was built to replace the first Turkish satellite, Turksat 1A after it was lost due to a launch failure in January of 1994. On July 10, 1996, Turksat 1c was placed into geostationary transfer orbit at a frequency of 31.3 degrees East. On July 16, 2008 all traffic that existed on the satellite Turksat 1c frequency was transferred to Turksat 3A, and it's television broadcast was later ended.
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Originally Posted by boknoy_ph Originally Posted by SATMATE How can I watch Discovery channel in Turksat 1c. I can get NBA TV but not this channel. I'm using Starsat SR-x550D Ultra
The TURKSAT frequency of Analog channels is 11.080GHz, 11.122Hz, 11.177GHz, Polarity Horizontal it is on KU-band. You can receive these channels using a 12ft Solid dish. The Elevation
The position control system is a second-order system. So for any control law, there would be some natural frequency and damping ratio for the closed loop system (Recall from CDS110a
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