Turn Red Hair to Blonde?


To go from a dark color like red to a super light color like blonde, you may want to consult a professional hair stylist. The only way to go lighter is to bleach your hair, which can be extremely damaging. It is better if you have not dyed your hair in a while. You can start with a bleach-free product like One n Only Colorfix or even a baking soda paste. A blue bleach is better than a white for getting rid of red color. A toner may be necessary to improve the color. At that point you can use a blonde dye to get the shade you want.
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1. Wet hair completely. 2. Mix equal parts of daily hair shampoo and hair powder bleach in a hair color bowl. 3. Put on latex gloves to protect your hands from the bleach. 4. Use
The water in your area has high iron deposits, and you weakened your hair by using a chemical. Blonde highlighting is susceptable to primary salts in water because of the bleaching
1 Establish your natural hair color. If you are naturally blonde or light, this shouldn’t be too hard and you can skip some of the steps. But if you’re naturally dark
It is said that men love blondes more than
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