How to Preserve Turtle Shells?


To preserve a turtle shell, rub the inside and outside of the shell with a little borax. Allow it to dry outside. After the shell has dried, spray it with clear lacquer.
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1. Leave your dead turtle outside. Though this sounds counterintuitive to the preservation process, don't worry-the shell will survive. Decomposition is natural, and the process is
Because that is how God created them and it comes in a very useful. They use the shells on their back as a form of protection. When they're sleepy they can just tuck it all in!
Allow the dead turtle to decompose by burying it in the ground or leaving it
If it is dry, you can have invertebrates eat the meat away, leaving the shell and bones. Dermestid beetles are best but you could use mealworms or several others.
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How to Preserve Turtle Shells
Losing a beloved pet is always difficult. Turtles are unique, however, because of their shells. While the rest of the turtle decomposes, the shell remains intact. For those who don't want to say goodbye to their reptilian friends, preserving their shells... More »
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