Is there a turtle that stays small?


Turtles come in sizes from 2 inches long to 1500 pounds heavy. If you are looking for a turtle that will stay small the Speckled Tortoise only grows to about 3 inches long and 6 oz in weight. It still needs a good 40 gallon tank for room to swim. A Mud turtle is native to the US and it them to get no bigger than 6 inches long. The Musk turtle is small staying under 6 inches as well. The Spotted turtle, which is only semi-aquatic and needs some land to bask on, will stay within 3-5 inches in size. The Reeves turtle also stays about 5 inches and is a great starter pond turtle.
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The male Reeves or coin turtle, which comes from southern China, Korea, Japan and Taiwan, grows to be about 4 to 5 inches long, on average. Females tend to be larger. They can be
it really sucks. i also want a really small cute turtle but its pretty much impossible to get one. if your willing to spend a lot of money the spotted turtle stats pretty small but
Turtles are considered carnivorous. You won't see a turtle out there tackling a deer, but you will see them eat insects such as spiders, moths, flies, and whatever else they can get
The Spotted Turtle is a small turtle with a shell that can grow between 8-12 cm (3-5
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