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Some famous TV judges are Judge Judy, Judge Joe Brown, Judge Mathis, Judge Wapner and Judge Alex. Judith Sheindlin is Judge Judy. She was born in Brooklyn, New York in October of 1942. She received her law degree from New York Law School and became an attorney in 1965. She became a judge in 1982 and then became a television personality in 1996. Judge Joseph Wapner was the first of the reality television judges. He presided over the series, The People's Court, which ran for 12 seasons starting in 1981. Judge Wapner was born in November of 1919 in Los Angeles, California.
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Some TV judge shows are Judge Mathis which debuted in 1999, Judge Jeanine Pirro which debuted in 2008, Judge Joe Brown which debuted in 1998, The Peoples Court ...
Watching courtroom dramas can be considered a type of reality television. Many people enjoy watching the stories unfold and trying to guess the ruling the judge ...
The show pays the judgments on TV judge shows. It is done this way because they want to entice people to appear on the show. The ruling is real but who pays is ...
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