How Many Ounces in a Twenty Dollar Gold Piece?


A twenty dollar gold pieces weighs approximately 1.17 ounces. However it is not 100% gold, other metals are added to give it durability. The amount of gold in a twenty dollar gold piece should be approximately 0.9675.
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With no mint mark or an "S" about $1000. That could go up to $1500 with a CC mint mark.
The value it approx $8000 for a one in good condition. More details and clarification. The above answer applies only to an 1883 Philadelphia double eagle. These were only struck as
Please look at the coin again, the US did not coin $25 dollar denominations in 1896.
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A twenty dollar gold coin weighs exactly 33.436 grams or .9675 ounces.When this coin was issued, .9675 ounces of gold was equal to 20 dollars and 67 cents. ...
The 1933 Double Eagle coin contains about 90 percent gold and 10 percent copper. It also happens to be the second highest price paid at auction for a U.S. coin! ...
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