What do twinges in your ovaries mean in early pregnancy?


New sensations are expected during pregnancy, especially in the first trimester, but twinges seemingly coming from the ovary area are usually nothing of concern, according to WebMD. The ovaries themselves do not twinge during pregnancy, but similar sensations might be felt due to the uterus growing.

During pregnancy, the uterus stretches to accommodate a new human; sometimes this causes a twinge-like sensation often referred to as round ligament pain. Abdominal twinges could also be a symptom of constipation, another issue in early pregnancy. If a twinge is accompanied by bleeding or severe cramping, it is time to contact the doctors office.

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Depends on how fast the baby is growing and if he/she wants to move around alot usually between the 3rd and 5th month.
I have gotten twinges with both of kids in the early middle and late stages of pregancy.its like a little reminder you got something growing in there! LOL.They start off (at least
In a normal pregnancy, sex poses no harm to the baby. Your ligaments and uterus will begin to streth in early pregnancy causing some minor cramp-like pain which you're describing,
4 weeks pregnant means you literally just missed your period or did you mean 8 weeks pregnant as in 4 weeks from when you missed your period? Pregnancy is dated from the first day
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