Two Dots over a Vowel?


The two dots over a vowel is used to determine phonological awareness. It is often called diaeresis or diacritic. In some cases, it can also be called umlaut or trema depending on the origin or location. Diacritic is no longer used in US Language but can still be seen in archived literary pieces.
Q&A Related to "Two Dots over a Vowel?"
The double dot diacritical mark is a dieresis. In German it's an umlaut.
Umlaut (noun) is the name of the two dots over the vowels, a, o and u,
umlaut---For German
It's called a Superdot - see for more information on diacritics. Hazel Ruxton, Houston, UK I've just looked at that page, and so should you,...
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