How to Separate Two Glass Bowls Stuck Together?


To separate two glass bowls that are stuck together, you can try leaving them out to dry in case the problem is caused by water between them suctioning them together. Otherwise, you can use soapy water, vegetable oil, or a lubricating product like WD-40 to try to get them to separate.
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1. Place the glass bowls in the center of the sink. 2. Spray WD-40 above the rim of the bottom bowl; you want to spray enough to coat the side of the bowl without it dripping down
Put ice in the top one. and put the bottom one in hot water. Top one pops right out!
First try soaking the bottom bowl in hot water and
Cool the inner cup, heat the outer cup, Ice water and hot water do fine. Most of what holds wet glasses together is air pressure. Allow air to get into the space between the cups.
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