Two Menstrual Cycles in One Month?


There are several reasons for two menstrual cycles a month. Hormone imbalance is one common cause for this.
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Not medical Advice-Women have menstural cycles in order to allow them to be fertile and produce children. It could just be spotting! You should ask your MD.
If woman has two times of menstruation (bleeding)
due to hormonal imbalance..
Unfortunately this happens. It's normal. If you've been super stressed lately or around someone with a different cycle it can cause you to switch. It happened to me two months ago
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If a woman has two menstrual cycles in one month, it could mean that she had a very short cycle between the two start dates. It could also mean she had some mid ...
You may get two menstrual cycles in one month due to hormonal imbalance. When the imbalance occurs, it may prevent the blood shed in the first menstrual cycle ...
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