Two Organisms That Illustrate Commensalism?


Commensalism is an ecological relationship, in which one species benefits from an association with another organism, while the other organism receives no benefit, but is not harmed. Commensalism occurs in both the plant and animal kingdoms, and is also prevalent among bacterial species.Two Organisms That Illustrate Commensalism in an aquatic ecosystem are barnacles and scallops.
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Commensalism is a class of relationship
you and me are on the same page right now i really need to know !!! if you found out plzz tell me
Why not try actually READING the question before transfering it here? What you wrote made no sense. I'll give you two organisms, but I'm not telling you their relationship. Work that
You'll have to do some research of your own to get further details.
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A commensalism is a symbiotic relationship between two organisms. One organism benefits from the relationship but the other does not benefit and is not harmed. ...
The term commensalism refers to a symbiotic relationship between two organisms of dissimilar species in which one derives some advantage while the other is unaffected ...
A mutualistic relationship is when two organisms of different species 'work together,' each benefiting from the relationship. Mutualistic arrangements are most ...
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