How do you wire four lights controlled by two switches?


Two switches controlling one light is a circuit usually used for residential or commercial electrical work. To wire it, first run the power-leg wire from the breaker to the bottom of the double-switch. Secondly, run a connecting cable between each of the first fixtures to each of the second fixtures. Next, at the middle-of-the-line fixtures, strip the insulation and combine together the black.
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1. Turn off the circuit breaker or, if your home has the older Edison Base fuse box, unscrew the fuse controlling the circuit you will be working on. Remove an Edison Base fuse completely
wiring diagram of one bulb in two switches. example, if switch a- on then switch b- off the bulb is on, switch a- off then switch b- on the bulb is on, switch a- on then switch b-
1. Decide where you want to place your switch. Generally wall switches are on the right-hand side, a few feet/metres past the door opening. Go around your house and measure the height
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How to Wire Two Lights Controlled by One Switch
Lighting circuits are easy to wire. To control two lights with one switch, wire the lights in parallel. Connect the black fixture wires together and connect the white fixture wires together to form the parallel circuit. There are two ways to connect the... More »
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