How do two switches control one light?


When there are two switches that control one light, this is actually referred to as a three way switch, since there are three terminals at work, which are used to control a circuit from two separate locations. Installing a three-way switch is considered to be highly difficult for someone who is not an expert. There are a number of items required for such a project, some of which include terminal screws, grounding screws, wire strippers, and black tape.
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1. Go to the service panel and turn off power to the circuit you will be working on. If there is already a switch with one light installed, return to the switch and remove the cover
Because when two lights use the same battery, both lights need the same power to work, so the power has to split in half making the bulb's brightness dimmer. Ridiculous. If the lamps
Connect the neutral wire to one terminal of each of the two lights in a "daisy chain" from another light. Connect the active werie down to the switch Connect 2 wires to
The device you are looking for is called a KVM Switch.
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