Two Thirds Is What Percent?


Two thirds is 66.67 percent. The easiest way to convert fractions into percentages is to utilize a calculator. You simply divide the top of the fraction by the bottom, then you multiply the result by 100, and you get your answer. In this example, you want to find 2/3 as a percent, so you would type in '2 divided by 3 equals,' using the divide and equal sign of course, and the calculator will show 0.6667. You would then calculate 0.6667 multiplied by 100, and it will show the answer, 66.67.
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two thirds in percentage is 66.666666666666666 (goes on forever)
About 66%. Thanks for using ChaCha!
To figure out what is one half of two thirds I convert it to decimals. Two thirds is .666 and 1/2 is .5. Then I take .666 and multiply it by .5. The answer is .333 or 1/3.
1. Type in two divided by three and press the equals sign on your calculator. You should receive a decimal similar to 0.666. repeating. 2. Press the multiplication sign and type in
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Whether it's a circle or anything else, two thirds is equal to 66.666% recurring. Recurring means that the 6 is repeated infinitely, as it cannot be expressed ...
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Two thirds is a fraction that simply means two whole parts out of a possible three whole parts and it is usually written as 2/3 in numeric form. The two is the ...
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