Where can I find a doll other than on eBay and Craigslist?


The Internet has a wide variety of sites for collectors who want to buy dolls. Buyers can search the websites of large stores with toy departments, including Target and ToysRUs, as well as smaller doll specialty stores listed on sites such as Barbie Collector.

Buying dolls on the Internet helps shoppers compare prices, special doll features and available discounts among a diverse selection of toy stores and doll dealers.

Top retail store websites, such as Walmart and Target, are easy to search by doll name and usually include multiple photos and a list of significant features.

But there are many other options. The Doll Page, for example, operates a specialized marketplace for doll sales. It also hosts forums for collectors who are seeking information on appraisals, manufacturing history, play accessories, and identification marks.

Barbie Collector lists stores and doll dealers located across the country who sell Barbies and other collectible, antique or newly-manufactured dolls.

Antique Doll Collector Magazine features display advertisements from doll dealers. It also provides lists of upcoming local and national doll shows where dealers buy and sell inventory over a two-or-three day period.

Some creative doll buyers still place want ads in their local newspaper's classified advertising section offering to buy dolls from original owners.

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They cost around £75 from proper so truly real selling websites but you can also get them from eBay for around £30.
Toys R Us or KB Toys. You may also find something online.
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My mother gave me the doll that was lost and I am excited to return. Means a lot to my mother. Plz help me replace this memory. Posted by Admin at 6:36 PM
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