Types of Air Plants?


Air plants are plants that don't require soil as a substrate in order to draw in water and nutrients. Some types of air plants are, Tillandsia usneoides, more commonly known as Spanish moss; Tillandsia utriculata, also called swollen wild pine. This is a type of giant air plant. Another type of air plant is the Catopsis berteroniana, otherwise known as the powdery strap air plant. There are over 650 known types of air plants. These kinds of plants are easy to grow, hard to kill and are popular with people who don't have a lot of time to tend to their plants, though they do require some care and need constant air circulation.
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Types of Air Plants
Air plants, also known as epiphytes, are unusual, as they don't rely on either soil or water as substrates for drawing nutrients and water. They derive all necessary nutrients and water from the air, itself. To physically support themselves, such plants... More »
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Air plants are types of plants that don't absorb water and nutrients through their roots. They gain all of their nutrients and absorb water through their leaves. ...
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