Types of Calendars?


Calendars are a form of system to keep track of days and holidays. Calendars have been in use ever since the ancient times since it is useful in recording important events. Calendars will have religious, social, commercial, and administrative dates noted. The types of calendars are solar, lunar, and lunisolar calendars. There are also Gregorian, Islamic, and Hindu calendars. Each type of calendar caters to the society and cultural needs of the people who use them.
Q&A Related to "Types of Calendars?"
There are many different types including ones for religion and some for the moon
There are many types of calendars that have been used to or are still in use today. We at the moment use the Gregorian calendar (well most countries anyway). For a full list, see
There are, and have historically been, many different calendars in use by humanity. There is only one calendar that indicates anything unusually specific about the end ot this year,
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