Types of Ceramics?


Ceramics are non metallic objects that are made from heating then cooling. They are made through pottery, which is the shaping of clay on a moving wheel. Before, ceramics were hardened in fire but now, they are glazed then fired in order to produce a shiny surface. The types of ceramic products are structural, refractories, whitewares, and technical. This means that ceramics can be used for a variety of things in every day life, such as flooring, bricks, sanitary ware, and biomedical implants.
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two types? I only know the 6 main types of clays used in ceramics which are: China clay (kaolin. silicate clay) Ball Clay, Fireclays, Earthenware clays, Stoneware clays, Porcelain
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( ′aŋ·kərd ′tīp sə′ram·ik və′nēr ) (materials) Ceramic veneer which is attached to a backing by grout and nonferrous
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