Types of Communication Systems?


Communication systems are collections of individual communication networks. Types of communication systems can be between man to man, man to machine, and machine to machine. The different types of communication systems are optical, radio, duplex, half duplex, and tactical communication systems. Some examples are fiber optics, radio, and power lines. Communication is an important thing in every day life since it relays important information from person to person and machine. Without organized systems, failure is very possible in getting tasks done and information relayed.
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umm. well ill try to answer this i think. telephone. mobile phone. email. IM. radio. writing a letter. telegram (it may not still be in use today but you never know) i think that's
When you are speaking with someone or listening to them, it is important to keep eye contact. A tip to help you determine whether you're maintaining eye contact is to look into a
NFC is basically a commercial term for the existing technology RFID - Radio Frequency Identification. This uses radio frequency electromagnetic fields to transfer data from a writer
Dyadic communication is the direct communication between two people or groups of people. Usually it refers to mother-child verbal interactions which include close eye contact, exaggerated
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Types of Communication Systems
The need for communication has been around since the beginning of humanity. In today's fast-paced world, there are a variety of communication systems developed over the years as technology has improved. The communications systems we have today use a... More »
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