Types of Context Clues?


There are many different types of context clues. Four of them are used the most. These consist of synonyms, antonyms, explanations, and examples.
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the most common types are : definition clue. example clue. synonym restatement clue. contrast clue. mood clue. experience clue. analysis clue.
Types of context clues: Synonym, Antonym, Explanation, and
1. Watch for commas, colons and hyphens. They often alert you to an upcoming definition or explanation: "the seismograph, a machine used to measure earthquakes, was. Punctuation
Context reduced(ex. Can follow directions if a model is provided) Context embedded(ex. Reading directions without illustrations)
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Context clues are words or phrases in a sentence that help the reader figure out the meaning of an unknown word. Antonyms, synonyms, stated examples, contrasts and restatements all function as context clues.
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