Types of engineer?


The different types of engineers include Aerospace Engineer, Agricultural Engineer, Architectural Engineer, Biomedical Engineer, Chemical Engineer, Civil Engineer, Computer Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Environmental Engineer, Industrial Engineer, Manufacturing Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Mineral and Mining Engineer, Nuclear Engineer, Ocean Engineer, and Transportation Engineer.
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Civil engineering is one of the oldest branches of the engineering profession. These engineers design large structures, from highways to power plants and aqueducts and dams, and many
: aerospace engineer. There's Aerospace, Agricultural, Electrical, and much more. I've added a link below for full details.
This is a great question - and the truth is there really are a lot of options, although the variety likely depends some on your industry and company. Here are some to consider (not
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There quite a few types of engineering. Do you have an idea of what you would like in engineering? Here are some samples, aerospace, agricultural and civil engineering. Hope you find one you would be interested in doing? You can find more information here: www.pike.k12.in.us
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