Types of Food Service Operations?


There are four basic types of food service operations. Traditional is another name for conventional. Ready made or prepared food is another form. Commissary style is necessary in some settings.How the food is assembled and prepared can make a huge difference in the success.
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Restraunt. Buffet. Fast Food. Take To Go. Happy?
1. Review the last few months' worth of ordering. Identify the specific reasons why the current amounts of food are being ordered, and be sure that it's the most efficient plan. While
Specific wastes streams are: Multimedia pollution sources : Air Pollution wastes, Air conditioning (CFC's), Painting-paint and thinners, filters, Parts cleaners, Catalytic converters
In emergencies, consumers, food retailers and food service operators should continue to call FDA at 1-866-300-4374 or 301-796-8240. For less urgent problems, contact the FDA consumer
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