What are some types of gardenias?


Gardenias are a type of ornamental shrub that is used for landscapes and gardens. They are very fragrant with a combination of scents such as vanilla, nutmet, and jasmine. Gardenias have medium to dark green leaves with flowers that range from pure white to pale ivory. There are different types of gardenias that include standard, miniature, and thunbergia. There are over 200 different species of gardenias. Some types of gardenias include glazerii, radicans, verigata, and Miami supreme.
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Gardenia plants need rich soil with light shade. The soils need to have
Hi there, This is really not a houseplant, but a gardening question because you are growing it outside. However, I can tell you that high humidity and acidic soil (5.0 pH) are important
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Types of Gardenias
The scent of gardenias (Gardenia jasminoides) is evocative and intense. Combine this sought-after fragrance with the dark, glossy, evergreen leaves and rich cream or white flowers, and you have a gardener's dream. However, most gardenias are... More »
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Gardenias come in five different types. These gardenia varieties are Cape Jasmine, Augusta Beauty, Gardenia Thunbergia, Mystery, and Veitchi. You can find more info at: www.ehow.com
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