Types Of Gearboxes?


Different types of gearboxes are used, depending on the vehicle manufacturer and type of vehicle. They include bevel gearboxes, helical gearboxes, spur, worm, and planetary gearboxes. Each of these gear types offer different advantages and drawbacks and will work best for a particular application. Bevel gearboxes can have either spherical gears or straight gears and are commonly found where high speed and performance are necessary. Tooth quality is important to help avoid uneven wear and to prevent shavings from ruining parts.
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Different Types of Gearboxes
In a gear assembly a gearbox is an essential piece of equipment. Transmitting the cause of mechanical rotation between two shafts is the fundamental principle of a gearbox. Generally designed to reduce speed, gearboxes, also known as speed reducers, gear... More »
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