How many types of hurricanes are there?


There are 5 types of hurricanes, which are classified by their speed. Type1 has speeds 74-95. Type 2 has speeds 96-110. Type 3 has speeds 111-130. Type 4 has speeds 131-155 and type 5 has speeds of 150 and over.
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Hurricanes conditions occur when warm, moist air evaporates from the surface of the ocean and rises quickly. This warm air meets cool air in the higher elevations that causes condensation
tropical cyclone.
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It is a low pressure system, the lowest pressures are seen inside these storms (as of right now, tornadoes have not been probed enough to get really reliable data. this is especially
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Hurricanes are listed into categories ranging from 1 to 5. Category 1 hurricane has winds of 74-95 mph. Cat 2 is from 96-110 mph. Cat 3 is from 111-130 mph. Cat 4 is from 131-155 mph. The most catastrophic hurricane is a category 5 with winds from 155 mph and up.
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There are five types or categories of hurricanes, which are classified on a 1-5 rating based on wind speed. Storms are rated on their strength based on the Saffir-Simpson ...
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