Types of Manometers?


A manometer is a measuring tool. It is used for measuring pressure and flow rate of liquid and/or gas in a pipe. There are four types: U-tube, well-type, inclined and dual tube manometers.
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( ′wel ¦tīp mə′näm·əd·ər ) (engineering) A type of double-leg, glass-tube manometer; one leg has a relatively small diameter
A well type manometer balances pressure between a liquid with a known density and that of one that is unknown. It has two legs, each filled with a different liquid. The legs do not
Manometer is used for measuring pressure / flow rate of liquid / gas in pipe .Manometer fluid are water , mercury(Hg) , Kerosene etc. depending on flowing fluid in pipe. It has un-equal
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Manometer Types
Manometers are used to measure air pressure. These devices all work on a similar principle: pressure exerts a force on a surface that a manometer can measure. Typically, manometers are filled with mercury, which is why one of the units for measuring air... More »
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There are three types of manometers. They include U-Tube Manometers, Well Type and Inclined. Manometers are typically used to measure pressure. The U-Tube is the most commonly used style.
Manometers are called liquid gauges and they measure pressure. The types of manometers are the U-tube and the Piezometer tube. The U-tube manometer may be vertical or tilted. You can find more information here: www.cartage.org.lb
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