Types of Necklace Clasps?


There are different types of necklace clasps including lobster claw, box, toggle, and slide lock clasps. To repair a necklace clasp you need flat nose pliers, chain nose pliers, and a new clasp. You find the ring holding the clasp and use pliers to loosen it. Remove the clasp, put new clasp in, use pliers to tighten the ring that holds the clasp.
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1. Bend a jump ring open with a pair of flat-nosed pliers. 2. Slide the jump ring though the end of the necklace. Most clasps will be held in place by a crimp of some sort that has
The clasp is called a boob.
BOX RING - A circular clap called a Bolt Ring is used to fasten necklaces or bracelet chains.
Learn about some common styles of jewelry clasps and how to attach a clasp to a necklace (or a bracelet or anklet) that's made using beading wire. Related article: How to String Beads
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Types of Clasps for Necklaces
Necklace clasps are in the class of jewelry supplies called findings, which are the functional parts of jewelry that also include connectors and fasteners. The best necklace clasps are easy to fasten, stay secured, match the style of the necklace, and... More »
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