Types of Pine Cones?


There are several different pine trees that have pine cones. Some of these trees include: Douglas fir, Ponderosa pine, and white pine.
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A metal container will work, a chimnea would work perfectly.
1. Pick pine cones you want to draw. Leave them growing on a branch or pick them off the ground. Even if you find only part of a pine cone on the ground, save it to study for your
1 Place cloves, cinnamon and pickling spice in a dish and mix thoroughly. Sprinkle the pine cone spice mixture with essential oils of patchouli, orange, sandalwood, cinnamon or balsam
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Types of Pines & Pine Cones
Pines are conifers, meaning they produce seeds in cones that are then released and dispersed by wind, birds, rodents and sometimes wildfires. There are more than 100 species of pine trees in the world with at least 35 cultivars native to North America.... More »
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