Types of Propaganda?


The most famous types of propaganda are: glittering generalities, name calling, plain folks, testimonials, transfer, bandwagon, card stacking etc.
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An effective propaganda technique is to employ name calling against something or someone to create a negative association. Name calling is often used in political campaigns and is
Bandwagon. Snob appeal. testimonial. loaded words. plain folks. and a few others. but heres a few.
The four types of propaganda are political propaganda, religious propaganda, thought
Appeal to the common good. The add appeals to people to car pool to conserve gas for the war effort implying that it will be for to common good.
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There are several different types of propaganda. The most common one is bandwagon. It is easy to get your target audience to join. there is also big lie, common man, and half-truth. You can find more information here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Propaganda
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There are many types of propaganda that have been used throughout history, mainly to enhance war efforts. Nowadays, these techniques have been expanded to cover ...
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