Types of Protists?


There are currently 13 types of protists. These 13 have remained in a single cell state. They are bacteria, archaea, euglenoza, aveolata, stramenopila, rhodophyta, chlorophyta, streptophyta, fungi, chanoflagellida, and animals. You can find more information here: http://www.docstoc.com/docs/5109243/types-of-protist
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The kingdom Protista is extremely varied. Members can be unicellular, having one cell, multicellular, having many cells, and colonial, in which many unicellular organisms of the same
(Main types) = Plant like, animal like, and fungus like protists.
The Three types of Protiests are based on: animal-like characteristics,
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Even though the group Protist is no longer used as widely as it once was, there are about thirty to fourty different types of them, classified as eukaryote.
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Prokaryotic cells lack a nucleus. Bacteria and members of the domain Archaea are prokaryotes, while plants, animals, protists and fungi are eukaryotes. Prokaryotic ...
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