What are types of rainfall?


There are three different types of rainfall. Convectional rainfall is rain that is heated by the sun. Relief rainfall happens in hill or the mountain and rises back up after it hits the ground. Frontal rainfall is when warm and cold air join together.
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there are 3 types of rainfall which are still exsisting: relief rainfall. convectional rainfall. Frontal rainfall.
TYPES OF RAINFALL. 1. CONVECTIONAL RAINFALL: Convectional rain is caused by convection where the surface layer of the atmosphere is heated causing the moisture laden air to rise.
A sandy surface soil has a high infiltration rate
.... ok um im not sure because i dont live near a rainforest and i never knew there were diff. types of rainfalls... weirdd... Source(s): my brain!! >.<
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There are 3 types of rainfall. Relief rainfall this is water that is forced to rise, evaporation and condensation. Frontal rainfall. Cold and warm air forced to rise.Conventional rainfall which is cold air replaces warm air.
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