Types Of Sage Plants?


There are upwards of twenty different types of sage plants. Included amongst these are White Sage, Compact White Sage, Island Black Sage, Thistle Sage, Musk Sage, Chia, Desert Sage, Santa Rosa Sage, Death Valley Sage, Purple Sage, Black Sage, Creeping Black Sage, Mohave Sage, Munz's Sage, Rose Sage, Creeping Sage, Golden Creeping Sage, Hummingbird Sage, and Wand Sage. It is apparent from their names that the types of sage plants are different based on their native region. Sages are frequented by hummingbirds, bumblebees, wasps, and bees. Sages can live for more than thirty years. They are used as a spice in many different cuisines.
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Types of Sage Plants
More than 900 types of sage plants exist, according to the University of California Cooperative Extension Service. Since ancient times sage has been known for its medicinal benefits. It is considered sacred by some cultures.... More »
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There are many different types of sage. The most familiar sage is known as 'common sage' or Salvia. This particular species grows spikes with bluish purple flowers ...
The sage plant is a small plant with purple flowers that is native to the Mediterranean. However, it can be grown almost anywhere. The leaves are used as the ...
A Russian Sage plant is a tall wispy plant. The Flowers of the sage plant is either lavender or blue and the foliage is silvery. It is a good addition to summer ...
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