Types of Salamanders?


There are three types of salamanders. There is the total aquatic salamander, the semi aquatic and the completely terrestrial. Most of the terrestrial salamanders are found in the Southern Appalachians.
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Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Amphibia Order: Caudata
The word "salamander" can apply to all the amphibians in the Order Caudata or more specifically to the animals commonly known as salamanders or newts in the Family Salamandridae.
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There are many types of salamanders. There is the spotted, northern red, eastern red-back, four-toed, and blotched tiger, just to name a few.
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1. Take pictures of different salamanders. Marshy areas and places close to water are good places to look for salamanders. View the pictures on the computer. Observing the salamander's
there are more than 300 species and i will name a few. here is some. Giant salamanders. Included in this family are the giant salamander (Megalobatrachus japonicus) of Japan and the
The smallest species of salamander is the Thorius arboreus which is only
Its a red-backed salamander.thats the actual name scientific name Plethodon cinereus.
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Some examples of the type of Salamanders available are the Mole salamander, Northwestern Salamander, latwoods salamander, Tiger salamander, Eastern Tiger and Jefferson ...
Amphibians are animals that live the first part of their life underwater and the second part on land. Two types of amphibians are frogs and salamanders. Amphibians ...
There are different types of newts. A newt is an aquatic salamander. They are located in Asia, Europe, and North America. They resemble lizards and may live ...
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