What are some types of sequential circuits?


Sequential circuits apply current input variables and previous input variables by storing the information and putting back into the circuit on the subsequently clock succession. The two types of sequential circuits are synchronous and asynchronous sequential circuits.
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A sequential circuit consists of storage elements, in the form of latch or flip-flop circuits, and a combinational logic circuit. A latch circuit transfers input signals to output
Sequential Logic circuits are a type of logic circuits in which its output depends on the current and last input (memory) a digital circuits that contain filp-flop is called as sequential
( si′kwen·chəl ′sər·kət ) (electricity) A switching circuit whose output depends not only upon the present state of its input, but also on
in a sequential circuit the output depend up on the present input and the past output also,because they are made of memory elements which can store.But in combinational circuit the
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Types of Sequential Circuits
A sequential circuit is a type of logic circuit. It sends an output that is dependent upon the present input in addition to the history of the input. That makes it different from a combinational circuit, whose output depends solely on the present input.... More »
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