How Many Types of Society Is There?


There are four types of societies - Tribal Societies, Agrarian Societies, Industrial Societies, and Post-Industrial Societies. Tribal Societies follow their own political system and usually keep within their own group. They support themselves by hunting, fishing, and gathering; they're usually nomads. Agrarian Societies support themselves through farming and agriculture and this type of society lead to a more formal government and legal system.
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One needs to be more clear about what you mean by society? If political, there are socialistic, democratic, communist, dictatorship and several others. If by cultural or male-female
The importance of Hunting in Efe society has broader implications than just food
I suspect that this has to do with the philosophical legacy of the Greeks where Aristotle classified the sciences into two categories. empirical. speculative. Empirical sciences are
They are a nomadic people. Source(s) Wikipedia.
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One type of society is the hunting and gathering society. They collect plants and wild animals every day. Pastoral society rely on their herd for food Horticulture societies deal with fruits and vegetables. You can find more information here:
There are literally hundreds or thousands different types of societies that exist in the world. The most publicized ironically are the so called secret ones.
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