What types of soil erosion are there?


There are five types of soil erosion. Wind erosion, gully erosion, mass movement, sheet erosion and rill erosion are their names. Sheet and rill erosion both happen on a slope.
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Soils with a high percentage of sand are especially susceptible to erosion. These soils do not have good soil structure. Good soil structure is the ability of the soil to form small
Mass Movement (Landslips and Slumps) Mass movement involves the downward movement of soil and rock under the assistance of gravity. Water Erosion. Water erosion is a two-part process
Soil erosion is caused by running water washing it away. Control it by slowing, controlling, rerouting the water. The next question will now be how to slow, control and reroute water
Mass movement, water erosion and wind erosion are the three types of soil
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Types of Soil Erosions
Soil erosion refers to the process of soil being removed from its natural location by the effect of wind, water or gravitational force. Although some levels of soil erosion are expected and have been in effect ever since there has been evidence of soil... More »
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Types of soil erosion: Sheet, rill erosion happens when water runs down hill. Gully erosion is, well, think Grand Canyon. Mass movement is gravity aided stuff like landslides. Wind erosion is when the wind carries soil or sand away in the breeze. You can find more information here: http://www.kidcyber.com.au/topics/erosion.HTM
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Gully erosion is a type of soil erosion produced by running water. It is as a result or rapid flow of accumulated runoff water. Gully erosion leads to formation ...
Stream bank erosion is a type of soil erosion that occurs along the banks of a river. This erosion normally occurs in the rainy season when there is increased ...
The types of erosion include; sheet or water erosion, glacier erosion, soil erosion, sea erosion and wind erosion. Erosion is the process of being gnarled by wind ...
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