Types of Sound Waves?


There are different types of sound waves. Sound sent through liquids or gas are called compression waves. Sound sent through solids are called longitudinal and transverse waves.
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Sound waves are one example of longitudinal waves. Longitudinal waves have the same direction of vibrations parallel to the direction they are traveling. For more information see
Sound is a mechanical wave and must travel through a medium, such as air, water, and solids. Sound waves cannot travel through a vacuum.
To start sound, a violinist normally uses a bow with stretched horse hair to literally scrape a string to vibrate. The A-string, one of four on the instrument, is tuned to vibrate
A sound wave is an example of a mechanical wave. Please send in all of your physics
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What Type of Waves Are Sound Waves?
Sound waves are waves that move through a medium such as air, wood or water. Unlike electromagnetic radio waves, sound waves do not need electronic instruments to send and receive signals. Sound is created simply by the vibration of particles in the... More »
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There is at least three different types of sound waves: audible, subsonic, and ultrasonic. Audible waves are the tones any person with normal hearing can pick up.
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This is a tricky one. There are two different types of sounds. Since general noise and talking are most popular we will talk about that kind of sound. For instance ...
There are several types of sound waves that have a higher frequency than the fundamental frequency. The fourth harmonic is actually two octaves higher than the ...
Sound waves are invisible to the eyes. The only way you can pick up sound waves is trough ears and some sound waves can be felt. Since sound waves are traveling ...
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