Types of Transistors?


A transistor is used to switch electronic signals as well as amplify them when it comes to electrical power. There are two main types of transistors. One is a bipolar junction transistor or BJT and the other is a field-effect transistor or FET. There are a variety of different ways in which transistors are categorized. Some things to consider are the maximum power rating, the maximum operating frequency, the electrical polarity, and the type of physical packaging.
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What type of device do you want it to be? I would call it an electronic device, but perhaps that is not the answer that your teacher is looking for. Can you think of a better way
Scientists have actually created a transistor that is only 7 atoms big
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I need some simple project(s) to use them up.
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Types of Transistors
Transistors are electronic devices used in all types of appliances and machines, which operate in all forms of business. They combine at least two semiconductors to benefit from the surface effects between their interface. They usually have three... More »
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