Types of Transmission Media?


Transmission media is the way in which information is transmitted from one location to another. It is sometimes referred to as communication media as well. In computer communications there are two basic types of transmission media. These are bounded, or guided, media and unbounded, or unguided, media. Bounded media are the physical links to transmit information such as coaxial or fiber optic cable. Unbounded media would be transmission through the air such as via wi-fi or cell phone signals and towers.
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In telecom, they are: 1. guided (bounded) ie. Ethernet. 2. wireless (or unguided) ie. 2.4GHz. In physics there are three: 1. solid. 2. liquid. 3. gas.
1. Check if the media uses wires, which classifies it as electrical. Electrical media is by far the most common category. Electrical media devices primarily use copper wires to transfer
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1. Download and install a codec pack for Windows Media Player. One of the most common sources for compatibility related issues with Windows Media Player can be resolved by the addition
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Types of Transmission Media
Transmission media is the means by which a communications signal is carried from one system to another. Transmission media is often used in computer communications. Transmission is sent through either an unbounded or bounded source, and may be... More »
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Unguided media is a type of transmission media. Transmission media are substances, in forms such as liquid, solid, plasma, or gas, that can propagate energy waves ...
Transmission media is simply the means through which data is transformed from one place to another. This could be through wire, fiber optics, vacuum or coaxial ...
Transmission media refers to any form of media that is primarily used for the transfer of signals. The media may be a wire, coaxial cable, fiber optics, air or ...
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