How can I type French accents in Microsoft Word?


You can type French accent marks in Microsoft Word by going to the insert symbols tab. There, you can select individual letters. The letters will have a variety of accent marks.
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1. Type the acute accent, a diagonal slash angled up and to the right that appears above the letter, by holding down the "CRTL" key while you type the apostrophe key. Let
a with grave accent. à. ALT + 133. À. ALT + 0192. a with circumflex. â. ALT + 131. Â. ALT + 0194. a with tréma. ä. ALT + 132. Ä. ALT + 142
1. Identify the two parts of the accented character on your keyboard. For example, to type. à. you will need to press. ` and. a. In these instructions, the. ` is the "
here goes. press alt and then the 3 digit number on the right side of ur keyboard, hold alt down. à 133. ç 135. è 138. î 140. ù 151. â 131.
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