Ubid is an online auction website. Sellers on ubid include both companies selling directly to consumers and uBid certified merchants. The site opened in 1997.
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The company UBid manages an auction style and a fixed priced shopping website. Goods are sold directly by the company or by pre-approved third party merchants that are UBid-certified. The company was founded in 1997.
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UBid Inc. manages an online auction and shopping website that offers both goods sold directly by the
Union Bay Improvement District (Vancouver Island, BC, Canada)
If "jeff f" does work for ubid, he probably belongs in prison. Hey "jeff f"... Wanna explain the scam you guys are running where people bid and "win"
uBid is an online auction website that offers goods sold by companies as well as goods sold by third parties. uBid specializes on consumer electronics, jewelry, phones and etc.
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