Ulasimang Bato?


Ulasimang bato is an herbal plant often used medicinally and also bears the name pansit-pansitan. Ulasimang bato can be ingested raw in salads or cooked with other vegetables.or meat. It can also be made into a juice or used as a topical cream to be applied directly to infected areas.
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Peperomia_pellucida. " Peperomia pellucida.
Pancit pancitan or ulasimang bato is one of the 10 herbal medicine approved by the Department of Health. Here is the complete list. 1. Lagundi ( Vitex negundo L. 2. Yerba Buena (
Ulasimang Bato or Pansit-Pansitan. (Peperomia) Peperomia pellucida. High uric acid level (arthritis and gout) Salad: Wash 1 1/2 glasses of fresh mature leaves thoroughly. Add a pinch
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