How do you build a simple electric generator?


A Ultra Simple Electric Generator is an AC generator which can light up a tiny incandescent light bulb. To build a simple electric generator, make a cardboard frame and coil a wire to form a large loop then connect the loop to the energy source. Place strong magnets around the loop in order for the loop to rotate freely then attach the energy source to a battery.
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1. open the clock and remove the battery. Make a note to yourself as to which sides of the battery compartment were for the positive and negative side of the battery. Most have the
you can use a lemon with copper and zinc strips to generate weak electricity that can be felt by the tongue.
The best way to generate an electric current as opposed to a little bit of static electricity is to use a dynamo. A dynamo works on the principle of induction - ie that by passing
I have no objection to the answer above, but you might get a higher grade if you actually build something. How about this.…. If you
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