What is the translation of "Una carta a Dios" in English?


"Una carta a Dios" is Spanish for "a letter to God." It is also the title of a short story by the Mexican author Gregorio López y Fuentes.

The story "Una Carta a Dios" is about a farmer, Lencho, whose entire crop is destroyed by a violent hailstorm. His family facing starvation, Lencho desperately writes a letter to God asking for help. He gets a response, but not quite the one he hoped for. The story leaves the reader to ponder when God should be asked for help, and whether it is better to place faith in God or in fellow human beings.

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"Hay una carta para mi. Translates to: "There is a letter for me.
I don't think it has been translated.
All we could find is that Gregorio Lopez Y Fuentes started writing at age 15, and died in 1939.
"Una carta a dios" translates from Spanish to "a letter to god."
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