What Are Signs of Unbalanced Tires?


One of the signs of unbalanced tires is a strong vibration in the steering wheel. The car can also pull to the left or right. Since unbalanced tires can make the car more difficult to steer and keep under control, it can be dangerous to drive. One inexpensive method to stave off the problem is to have your tires rotated every 5000-10,000 miles. They can be balanced at this time.
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Vibration of the car/steering which gets bad at a specific speed.
Tires can become unbalanced over time, especially if one of the existing weights
If this vibration only occurs when you approach 100 km/hr, and disappears as you go past it, then there is some sort of harmonics going between the vehicle and the wheel assembly.
The most common symptom of unbalanced tires is vibrations when driving, usually in the steering wheel (for front tires) or in the car seat (for rear tires) report this answer. Updated
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The Symptoms of Unbalanced Tires
Tires must be in balance to operate properly. This is why wheels are placed on a balancing machine and weights added to the rim before a tire is installed on a vehicle. This ensures that everything is in balance. Out-of-balance wheels make for an... More »
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