How do I unblock blocked incoming cell phone calls?


To unblock blocked incoming cell phone calls you should get access to your mobile phone's limit code, choose 'Menu' on the device and go to the 'Settings' option. Then you select 'Security' Select 'Call Settings,' 'Selective Call Block' or 'Restrictive' option from the context menu of 'Security.' Then you enter the code and click 'OK.'
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1. Visit a website with a service that can help you identify blocked calls. An example is TrapCall (See Resources) This is an experimental service you can try out completely free
There are several paid services available that, for a fee, will unblock any number for
to unblock your outgoing caller ID on a per call basis you dial *82 before dialing the number. if you are talking about unblocking private callers that call your home phone then that
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