What is an uncommon baby name?


There are several uncommon baby names. For example, Apple, Ambrosia, Augustina, Jotham, Ogden and Orson are all uncommon baby names.
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Lani(la Nee) Kayla. xeondre( Ze an drayy) Michelle. Rosalie. Leah. Patrick. Kelly. Jordynn. Kendel. Ikey. Carrie. issac. just anything that sounds beautiful to you and you dont hear
Athens, Bourne, Burns, Cairn, Kenneth, Stephen, Margaret, Anything not found
Because people are TRYING to be unique or "yoo-neek" which I agree is annoying. I also dont like common names, but I choose normal names like Jane, etc. Some people just
You can make puns. Great puns.
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