What causes uncontrollable shivering?


Alcohol poisoning, alcohol withdrawal and anxiety disorder are three common conditions that cause uncontrolled shivering, according to FreeMD. Alcohol poisoning, also called alcohol overdose, results in a toxic level of ethanol in a person’s bloodstream.

FreeMD explains that alcohol has a direct impact on the central nervous system. When taken in high doses, it is capable of suppressing brain signals responsible for stimulating breathing. In cases of acute alcohol poisoning, complications include seizures, hypothermia, aspiration pneumonia, respiratory failure and cardiac arrhythmias. Seizures cause the brain to malfunction, leading to convulsions that involve the entire body or a certain area only, such as the arm or leg.

FreeMD states that another possible cause of uncontrolled shaking is alcohol withdrawal, a condition that occurs when a person suddenly stops drinking alcohol after drinking frequently for a long period. It happens within 12 to 72 hours after a person stops alcohol consumption, and symptoms usually last for two to 10 days. Tremors, restlessness, nausea, anxiety and anorexia are some of its symptoms.

Uncontrolled shivering also happens due to anxiety disorder, says FreeMD. Anxiety disorder means a person has constant worry or fear that affects his normal daily activities. People normally experience anxiety as a response to stress, conflict and danger.

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There are many reasons you could be shivering, such as fever,
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Not Medical Advice: Could be afraid, sick (if this is the case take to vet ASAP), or he could be cold.
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